Out Station Transfer

a. Out station transfer facility will be extended to only following customers/clients:-
(1) Customers with genuine security threats due to which they are unable to travel to Peshawar
(2) Seriously ill/handicapped individuals who have supporting medical documents
(3) No transfer beyond Rawalpindi/Islamabad
b. Mandatory fee : Rs. 40,000.00

a. Application from the Seller/Purchaser for outstation transfer along with Medical Certificate or valid reasons
b. All standard documents required for Regular Transfer
c. Allocation Letter will only be issued once purchaser’s signature and thumb impressions are taken on his visit to DHA Peshawar

a. The customer will submit an application requesting for Outstation Transfer alongwith Medical Certificate clearly mentioning the medical reasons or other valid reason for inability to travel (para 2 ante refer)
b. After approval by the Competent Authority, customer will deposit mandatory fee ie Rs. 40,000.00
c. Transfer will be executed at the station requested. (but not beyond Rawalpindi/Islamabad). Logging, boarding and transportation expenses of DHA team will be borne by the applicant
d. Transfer procedure for the other customer i.e purchaser will be completed at DHAP main office as per requirement

Following documents / stationery items will be taken by team. Director Transfer/Deputy Director Transfer will ensure that all require stationery items/documents are taken along at the time of move of representatives to out station:-
a. Hand Bag
b. Allocation / Transfer registers
c. Ball Point (Blue/Black/Red & Green)
d. Camera
e. Stamp Pad
f. Round Office Stamp
g. Cancellation Stamp
h. Transfer Stamp
i. Ink remover
j. Whitener
k. Tissue Packet (Wet)
l. Complete File (Incl Allocation / Transfer letter)
m. File Cover
n. Envelopes
o. Gum Stick