Legal Heir(s) Transfer

Timeline 10 x working days
Charges Rs. 60,000 for 1000 Sq Yds (2 Kanal Res)
Rs. 25,000 for 500 Sq Yds (1 Kanal Res)
Rs. 15,000 for 250 Sq Yds (10 Marlas Res)
Rs. 10,000 for 200 Sq Yds (8 Marlas Res)
Rs. 8,000 for 125 Sq Yds (5 Marlas Res)
Rs.100,000 for 200 Sq Yds (8 Marlas Com)
Rs. 55,000 for 100 Sq Yds (4 Marlas Com)

Legal Heir(s) Transfer Documents Set available at DHA Reception
Original Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s)
Declaratory decree in respect of Legal Heir(s) issued by the Civil Judge having competent Jurisdiction
Death Certificate (duly attested)
Copies of the NIC of all Legal Heir(s) duly attested)
2 x Passport Size photographs of each Legal Heir (duly attested by Gazetted Officer)
Advertisement regarding death of the owner/member with photograph in 2 x National Newspapers i-e- Urdu & English
Membership Form of Legal Heir(s)
Membership Fee and Transfer Fee Vouchers

Submit the documents at Customer Services Centre DHA after filling in the required information
Transfer Branch will issue a confirmation letter / documents receipt slip
After receiving the confirmation letter, all Legal Heir(s) alongwith their original NIC will visit Transfer Branch to collect the Allocation / Intimation / Transfer Letter
In case any one of the Legal Heir is abroad, he/she can authorize any other Legal Heir to receive the letter on his / her behalf. Authority Letter has to be attested by the Pakistan Embassy / Consulate
If the Allocation Letter has to be issued in one of the Legal Hair’s name, then an affidavit, duly attested by Oath Commissioner, signed by all Legal Heirs that they have no objection if Allocation Letter is issued in one of the heir’s name, will be submitted alongwith the application