Foreign Transfer (Purchaser) Abroad

Timeline On completion of requirements/documentation
Charges Additional Rs. 40,000/- will be charged for General Power of Attorney-

General Power of Attorney (GPA) by the purchaser. GPA should be attested by Pakistan’s Embassy.
Copy of Purchaser’s NIC and his Next of kin (NOK), duly attested.
Attested copy of Passport and Visa with Exit and entry Stamps.
2x Attested Passport size photographs.
Undertaking on Rs. 50/- Stamp paper by Purchaser’s representative.
All documents required in Regular Transfer.
2 x Passport size photographs (blue background) duly attested.

As per Regular Transfer.
Authority Holder will sign all the documents and transfer register on behalf of the purchaser.
Allocation Letter will be issued in the name of actual purchaser.
Allocation Letter will only be collected by the actual purchaser, after signing Allocation Register and Office Copy.