Foreign Transfer (Seller) Abroad

Timeline On completion of requirements/documentation
Charges Additional Rs. 40,000/- will be charged for General Power of Attorney-

General Power of Attorney (GPA) by the seller will be prepared in favour of person who will appear in DHAP on behalf of the seller.
Complete Transfer Documents set alongwith no Demand Certificate (NDC) Request Form and Site Plan (if required).
Attested copy of owners NIC from concerned Embassy/Consulate.
Attested copy of Passport and Visa with Exit and Entry Stamps from concerned Embassy / Consulate.
Documents required for regular transfer, including NDC, Allocation Letter and undertakings by the Seller and Purchaser.

Authority Holder submits the documents to Customer Services Centre, DHAP along with General Power of Attorney and paid voucher of additional Rs. 40,000/.
Customer Service Officer will issue the receipt of the documents.
Transfer Branch will verify the transfer documents from concerned Embassy/Consulate if required.
Normal Transfer Procedure will be followed by the Transfer Branch.
Authority holder will sign all the documents and transfer register on behalf of the seller.
Authority holder will be photographed along with purchaser and property dealer.